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Reviews and Testimonials

Hear from Our Guests

Don’t just take our word for it! Find out from our guests just how much they and their kids enjoy Flight Fit N Fun.

“First visit with grandson! He had a great time bouncing on the trampoline as well as jumping In the blocks! Will return for sure!”– vbrakle

“Fun place for both kids and adults! Staff was very nice! Can’t wait to go back.” – L N

“Love this place, I have a 6 and 9-year-old and they love it… I love one way in and out, so I don’t have to worry about a stranger getting my kid out. I can jump with them and watch one door. I just babysit up to 4 kids at once and feel good about bringing them there!!!” – Carrie

“The girls working the register have gone above and beyond to accommodate the special needs child I work with. I brought him 30 mins too early and they understood and accommodated his disappointment at having to wait. Thank you ladies, you deserve the world.” – Lia

“This was my first time and I loved it. We took our grandchildren and they had an awesome time. The staff members were very attentive not to mention friendly and helpful. We will be back for more fun.” – Kelly

“We went for the kids and I’m planning on having MY birthday party there! Awesome place for fun and a workout at the same time.” – David

“Took the beginner boot camp class and really enjoyed it. Very challenging but manageable as you can modify so you don’t get hurt. Super energetic trainer with fun ideas that breaks up the workouts so they class goes fast as you try to remember what you do after either 20, 30, 45 , 60 or 90 seconds. Bring your sneakers and lots of water and you’ll do great.” – Tracey