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Hours and Prices

Hours are subject to change for Holidays, School Closures, and Special Events. Please CLICK HERE to visit our calendar page for the most up to date information.

Flight Fit N Fun Pittsburgh, PA


Open Jump 4-8pm
Squad Night 6-8pm

Flight Fit 9-10am & 8-9PM
Open Jump 4-8pm
Sensory Friendly Jump  6-8pm

Open Jump 4-8pm
Fundraiser Nights 6-8pm

Open Jump 4-8pm
BOGO Night 6-8pm

Flight Fit 9am-10am
Kids Flight 10am-12pm
Open Jump 12-9pm

Kids Flight 10am-12pm
Open Jump 12-9pm
Flight Night 9-11pm

Kids Flight 10am-12pm
Open Jump 12-7pm


Flight Socks (reusable and required for safety and hygiene): Included in price ($3/pair when purchased alone).

Pricing (Open Jump)

One Hour: $18
1.5 Hours: $22
Two Hours: $24

46” and Under
One Hour: $11
1.5 Hours: $16
Two Hours: $18

Kids Flight

The whole park is reserved for kids 46” tall and under Friday-Sunday from 10am-12pm. Bouncing is a great way to have fun and break a sweat, and all jumps are supervised! Does not include Ninja Warrior Course.

Squad Night

Grab your friends and family, and get your squad together!
5 friends or family members for just $40/hour.
$10 for each additional squad member.

BOGO Night

Every Thursday night from 6-8pm, buy one jump ticket and get one of equal or lesser value free!

Flight Fit

Got gains? Engage your core and build fitness with fitness instructor Dana and legendary Melissa Dileo. This intense, low impact workout delivers amazing results by burning up to 1,000 calories an hour! Kids of Flight Fit participants jump for free during class time—they’ll be separated by size and supervised.


One class: $11
Two classes: $16
10 class pass: $70

Sensory Friendly Jump

All jumpers are welcome at Flight Fit N Fun Pittsburgh. For those who prefer a quieter, less intimidating environment, we reserve the park on the first and third Tuesdays of every month to provide a sensory-friendly atmosphere with calmer music and lower lighting.


1 hour – $8/ jumper (includes one family member or caretaker)

2 hours – $16/ jumper (includes one family member or caretaker)

Contact Us

Flight Fit N Fun Pittsburgh
1041 Washington Pike Suite #200
Bridgeville, PA
15017, USA

Phone: 412-564-0560

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