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Velocity Air Sports is Now a Flight Fit n Fun park! Flight Fit N Fun Jacksonville delivers perfect parties. From an incredible birthday party, to an active social outing, corporate event or team-building session, planning is fast and easy, and your guests get an incredibly unique, active, and exciting experience.

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Birthday Parties

Book an awesome birthday party at Flight Fit N Fun Jacksonville! Your dedicated party host handles the details—including setup and cleanup—so everyone can relax, jump, dunk, climb, and enjoy the party!
The guest of honor for every Birthday Party receives a GOLDEN TICKET Pass – 1 Month of Free Jump!

Browse party packages and book below or email us at: [email protected]

Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions.

Other than your birthday cake or cupcakes, no other food may be brought into Flight Fit n Fun/ Velocity.
If you are ordering Pizza for your party and have a guest that cannot have pizza, you are welcome to bring something for that guest.
Please do not bring anything for the table.

If you are Not ordering Pizza, or have many where there are dietary restrictions, please choose a party time slot that will be conducive to cake only.

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Golden Ticket for Birthday Parties

Every Birthday Party Includes a Golden Ticket

The guest of honour will receive a Golden Ticket entitling them to jump free for 30 days!

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Parties & Events

New Special Party Package Starting at

$199 plus tax

All Parties Include…

  • One hour of jump time
  • Up to 10 jumpers (9 guests + the birthday child)
  • Flight socks for all jumpers
  • Bottle of water for all jumpers
  • 45 minutes in private party room OR of table time 
 (depending on location)
  • Personal party host
  • Set up + clean up
  • All paper products (plates, cups, napkins, utensils, candles, 
 knife, lighter)
  • Printable invitations
  • Flight-tastic gift from us for guest of honor!

Make It Your Own...

with these available add-ons


Extra Time

Extra Time



Mini Melts

Mini Melts

Party Favors

Party Favors

Water Bottles

Water Bottles



Group Events

Flight Fit n Fun offers GREAT Events for Every group and Every occasion!
Call us: 904-551-4035 or email: [email protected]
for information.

Private Events
Imagine having Flight Fit n Fun EXCLUSIVELY for YOUR Guests
The park is available for hourly rentals at limited times.
Call us: 904-551-4035 or email [email protected]

Private Party

Want to reserve our entire park for your own event?
Imagine having our park all to yourself and your guests. We do close our park to host private parties on select days and times. Book as early as possible to reserve your private party! Plan in advance as the days we can close the park are limited and these slots fill up fast!

For any questions, call 904-551-4035 or email [email protected]

BOOKING AND CANCELLATION POLICY FOR PRIVATE PARTIES AND GROUPS: Private parties MUST be booked at least 10 DAYS in advance. Funds are required upon scheduling of the party. All cancellations must be done 7 days from the party date. A deposit becomes non-refundable within 7 days of the event. No refunds for persons missing from your reservation. ALL group and ticket sales are final.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The website says that I can’t schedule my party online for the date and time of my choice, why is that?
Likely, you are attempting to schedule your party less than 10 days out in advance. To book online, we require you to schedule at least 10 days in advance. If it is less than 10 days, please call to check availability.

I was booking online and my time disappeared, did someone take my time slot?
If you have already selected a time slot and you exit out of the screen or have issues logging into the site, a missing time slot does not necessarily mean it was taken by another guest or is no longer available. Often times, our system places a temporary “hold” on your spot so that another guests cannot take your time slot while you are booking. Please revisit the site later on during the day and the hold should be removed so that you can pick up where you left off.

I see that there are table numbers when booking online… which table number is upstairs/downstairs/the best table for a party?
The table numbers reflected online do not reflect our seating chart, rather, they are a way for our system to keep track of how many parties we have going on at one time. If you have a seating request, please feel free to mention your preference during your confirmation call with one of our party staff members.

If I have adults who just want to watch, do they have to pay?
We will allow 5 spectators per every 10 kids who attend birthday party. If you have a party of 14 jumpers you will be allowed 7 spectators. We do have viewing areas surrounding trampoline floor and on Mezzanine. We do however require anyone who plans to enter onto the trampoline platform (jumping or not) to sign a waiver.

What is a flight pass? What all can my party guests do during their jump time?
A flight pass is an all-inclusive pass that gives your guests access to our entire trampoline park for 1 hour! The guests can take advantage of our trampolines, ninja course, dodge ball arena, basketball, foam pits and trapeze. Arcade tickets can be purchased at the kiosk in our arcade.

What is the schedule of the party? How long do my kids get to jump? When do they eat?
Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to the party and ask your guests to do the same. Make sure you have all SIGNED PAPER WAIVERS from all birthday party attendee parents unless they are 18 years or older. This applies to kids who have already been to our park and has a waiver on file online. The first hour of the party is the ACTUAL JUMP TIME. After jump time, the guests will go to the party table for 45 minutes of “table time” where they can eat cake and drink sodas and open presents.

Why do I have to arrive 15-20 minutes early? What happens if I’m late?
The start time of your party marks the start time of your 1-hour Jump Time. This is why it is so important to arrive early to get everyone set up with wristbands and we can make sure waivers are filled out correctly. Please have your guests arrive early as well. Every minute you are late, you are missing out on fun jump time, so please try to arrive on time.

What if I have more than 10 jumpers?
If you have more than 10 party jumpers, additional jumpers are $18. You can absolutely add more than 10 jumpers when booking your party online or when we give you a confirmation call the week of your party.

When can I add my extra jumpers?
The week of your party, one of our party staff will call you to confirm the details of your party. You can add confirmed extra jumpers on at that time prior to the day of your party. Because of capacity limitations, we may not be able to accommodate more than 1-2 jumpers the day of your party.

What if I purchase too many jumpers or 1 of my jumpers doesn’t show?
Unfortunately, we do not refund unused jump passes of persons missing from your party. But anyone in your party can use the additional unused jump passes during the scheduled party jump time including adults! They will just have to fill out a waiver. All ticket sales are final.

How many bottles of water come with the party package? Are they endless?
1 bottle of water per jumper comes with our Party package. You can purchase additional bottles of water $1.50 each or you purchase 2 liter bottles of soda for $4.

Can I bring in bottled waters for my party guests?
You cannot bring bottled water to the park. If you would like to purchase bottles of water, we have vending machines where you can purchase bottled drinks.

When is the last day I can order pizza for my party?
Pizza orders must be finalized at least 3 days in advance for a Weekday Party and by Wednesday before a Weekend Party. Basically, we have a 72 hours advance notice to order/change pizza order.

Can I add pizzas the day of the party if I have extra people arrive?
Because we do not make the pizzas here in the facility, they must be ordered from off site. Pizza orders must be finalized 3 days for Weekday Parties and by Wednesday before a Weekend Party. They cannot be added the day of the event.

How many slices come in a pizza? What types of pizza do you have?
These pizzas are size large with 8 slices in each pizza. We offer both cheese and pepperoni. Unfortunately, due to the volume of pizzas we order, we are unable to customize pizzas.

Can I bring in food to the party?
You are welcome to bring a cake or cupcakes if you have booked a scheduled birthday party, however we do not permit any other outside food in our facility. Please do not bring in snacks for your party guests or order pizza to the facility. We will ask you to take the food outside. No Ice Cream please. DON’T FORGET YOUR CANDLES & LIGHTER!!! We do not keep extra in the building.

If my child has already been to Flight Fit N Fun and done the online or paper waiver, do I still need to fill out a waiver?
Yes, we require our paper waiver for all party guests and parents who are attending and planning on being on trampoline deck floor. These waivers can be found on the birthday party page of our website. They are valid only for the date of the party. Please sign the waivers for you & your child and bring it with you the day of the party.

One of my guests forgot their waiver. Can I sign the waiver for my child’s friend?
Unfortunately, we require the legal parent or guardian to sign for each child. Please do not sign the waiver for your child’s friend as this could pose an issue later on down the road.

Can I add an extra hour of jump time to my party package?
Absolutely! Additional jump time is available immediately following your party – call for details.

Can I bring my own decorations and balloons?
You are more than welcome to bring your own decorations if you have a preference. It is always helpful to drop them off before the party so that we can pre-set your table with your decorations. Please label your decorations with your name and party date and time if dropping off before the party. Our decorations are gender neutral and are celebration themed so they can be used for both birthdays and celebrations!