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Why Flight


To deliver a once in a lifetime experience every single day.


We are Believers in Imagination

We are Adventurous and Playful
Which underscores that emotional connectivity matters. People matter.

We are Celebratory and Excitable through passion for community and a sense of belonging.

We Encourage our guests to play within their Ability and encourage self-improvement

We are Accountable and Results Driven through a commitment to our guests, our community, and to each other.


Our mission is to reinvigorate community socialization through imaginative spaces designed to encourage active play, group celebration, interactive learning, and the freedom to fly.

Special Programs

To truly demonstrate our care and compassion for the communities and families we serve, we have created an environment with more hours and availability for families and the communities to enjoy our “family fun for everyone” experience.

Kid Flight

Creating special memories for our little guests

Sensory Jump

Dedicating time and caring for our sensory and special need families

Flight Night

Let the young adults (teens and tweens) have a blast in a safe fun environment

After School Care

Providing a safe fun environment to help support our busy working families

Summer Camps

Let the summer fun begin in a safe structured environment

Learn More About Flight Fit N Fun

Flight Fit N Fun’s premier entertainment venues provide family fun, fitness and exciting sports.

We offer an experience unlike anything else, and welcome everyone to defy gravity. From amazing birthday parties, to active social outings with friends, intense individual workouts, and exciting corporate outings, Flight Fit N Fun is the ultimate entertainment venue.

Join us for a variety of programs, events, and activities designed for everyone, from first-timers to extreme jumpers, the young and the young at heart.

See you in the air!

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The Health Benefits of Jumping

You don’t stop having fun because you get old—you get old because you stop having fun!

The simple (and extremely fun) act of jumping has incredible health benefits, including improved stamina, muscle control, and coordination. Children who jump can strengthen their balance, agility, rhythm, and timing skills. Let them exercise much more than their thumbs and reduce screen time!

Jumping improves heart and cardiovascular health, increases circulation, increases bone density, speeds up metabolism, and can burn over 500 calories per hour. It uses almost every muscle in your body, which helps promote weight loss and toning, and it’s a low-impact workout that’s much friendly to your bones and joints than pounding pavement.

The best part? It’s fun!


We operate 13 locations in the US and Canada that range from 17,000 to 88,000 square feet. Our parks are designed with a variety of fun activities, including freestyle jumps, dodgeball, basketball, foam pits, designated children’s areas, Ninja Warrior courses, ice skating and much more.

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